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Advocacy Workshop

Health & Income Disparities

Advocacy Workshop

We Want to Be the Bridge:

With advances in medical treatment over the past decade, patients are receiving increasingly expensive cancer treatments. Financial distress for patients and families places additional stress on an already difficult time leading to potentially life-altering decisions made by the patient.


Financial distress, medical debt, and filing bankruptcy are common. We understand that there is a tremendous financial burden placed on patients and their families when battling cancer. That is why our mission is "to enable cancer patients in Alabama to choose life-saving treatments and alleviate the financial burdens of cancer."

Things we help patients avoid:

  • Medical Debt

  • Filing for Bankruptcy

  • Skipping or delaying doctor's visits due to co-pays or costs of travel

  • Skipping medication doses to make their prescriptions last longer

  • Taking less medication than prescribed to make a prescription last longer

  • Not filling a prescription at all due to cost

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1. Connect Community Leaders

Building a strong community of leaders working toward the same goal is essential in accomplishing that task for all. Establishing new relationships and partners that can move each of our efforts forward. 

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