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Donation Allocation

We Maximize Your Grace:

  • No hourly staff or salaried employees, simply volunteers. 

  • Your donations will not go into administrative pockets.

  • Your donations will never leave this state and only benefit cancer patients in Alabama!


You might be asking, how can we run a nonprofit without any employees?


To create something different and new, you have to innovate. We find it more important to establish our mission and create regenerative grant-based income instead of wasting your hard-earned money on high-dollar executives. We wanted to bring trust back to charities and provide a different way of working with nonprofits. 

You no longer have to worry if your donation is being wasted!


For purchasing indebted cancer portfolio sweeps from UAB hospital. Eliminating the cancer patient's medical bill. Reducing financial burden on a family.


Toward our Grant Funding Program to establish local, state, and federal funds, further amplifying your donations!


To enable cancer patients to choose life-saving treatments keeping families out of medical debt.


Geared toward keeping families grounded and together, saving the lives of our neighbors in Alabama.


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