Why Medical Debt

Medical bills for doctor co-pays, treatments, prescription medications, and surgeries can add up to $10,000 - $100,000. With 30,000 new cases in Alabama each year, we hope you take action today and help lift a burden off your neighbor. We promise that your donations will only help patients in Alabama.

Cancer patients are receiving increasingly expensive treatments compared to a decade ago. Remember, financial distress for a family can change the outcome of the battle. Sometimes it can be the difference between becoming a survivor or not. Financial hardships can stem from a multitude of places and affect a variety of outcomes. We believe what we do helps save lives in Alabama.

The loss of household assets attributable to cancer was estimated to be $125,832 per household with a cancer patient. 


What we focus paying off at Alabama Cancer Association:

  • Co-pays and other out of pocket medical costs

  • Prescription or treatment costs

  • Medical Debt

What we prevent from happening to patients/caregivers battling cancer:

  • Borrowing money

  • The worry of missing workdays to cover financial costs

  • Delaying provider visits

  • Skipping or delaying treatments

  • Changing prescription drugs due to cost

  • Taking less medication to make their prescription last longer

  • Not filling their prescription due to insufficient funds

  • Filing Bankruptcy!

For cancer patients and their families, financial distress, debt, and filing bankruptcy are common. We understand that there is a tremendous financial burden placed on families when battling cancer. It is estimated that over 500,000 people per year in the U.S. file bankruptcy each year due to medical bills. In Jefferson and Montgomery counties, 23% of households have at least one medical bill. In some other counties, this increases to 33%.

Please help us to bridge this financial gap and relieve these families from financial stress while they fight for their lives. Your donations will never go towards salaries, as our entire team is strictly volunteers. We are turning nonprofits back into what they should be, nonprofits.

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