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Our Mission

“To enable cancer patients in Alabama 

to choose life-saving treatments and alleviate the 

financial burdens of cancer.”

With advances in medical treatment over the past decade, patients are receiving increasingly expensive cancer treatments. Financial distress for patients and families places additional stress on an already difficult time. Sometimes it can be the difference between becoming a survivor or not. We believe what we do helps save lives in Alabama.

For cancer patients and their caregivers, financial distress, medical debt, and filing bankruptcy are common. We understand that there is a tremendous financial burden placed on patients and their families when battling cancer. That is why we do our best to rid cancer-related debt.









66% of all bankruptcies are tied to medical costs, and cancer survivors

are 2.7x more likely to file for bankruptcy.


Please help us to bridge this financial gap and relieve these families from financial stress while they fight for their lives.

Your donations will never go towards salaries, as our entire team is strictly volunteers.

We are turning nonprofit organizations back into what they should be, nonprofits.

Items That Lead to Debt:

  • Co-pays

  • Out of pocket prescriptions, treatment costs, or both.

  • Little or no insurance coverage

  • Surgery Costs

  • Reduced income from patients or caregivers not being able to work.

Things we help patients avoid:

  • Medical Debt

  • Filing for Bankruptcy

  • Skipping or delaying doctor's visits due to co-pays or costs of travel

  • Skipping medication doses to make their prescriptions last longer

  • Taking less medication than prescribed to make a prescription last longer

  • Not filling a prescription at all due to cost


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