Our Story

Charities seem hard to trust these days. Alabamians should be able to confidently act when times are tough for their neighbor and know that hard-earned money will go directly to its intended purpose. Enlightened by devoted mother and community leader, Kristi Barker Ingram, we created the Alabama Cancer Association specifically for that reason.

At Alabama Cancer Association, we do not waste your donation dollars on salaries, hourly employees, high-cost overhead, advertising materials, or marketing. There are not any high dollar CEOs or corporate directors. We are true volunteers that hold our professional jobs, and seek to utilize this organization to rid cancer patients in Alabama from medical debt.

Financial distress for a family can change the outcome of the fight against cancer. Cancer patients will often delay or miss recommended visits, alter prescription dosages or even skip treatments due to cost.
The financial hardship can stem from multiple factors and effect a variety of outcomes. We firmly believe what we do helps save lives in Alabama.


A Charity You Can Trust